Behind the Design: Outside, Texas Wall Hanging

About two months ago, I was heading home from an errand when I happened upon Outside, Texas’s brand new Austin location. I’m honestly not sure why I was even on that stretch of Lamar on that particular day. It definitely wasn’t the quickest route home. But there I was, cruising along, when I happened to look to my left and saw this cool retro sign hanging on a small building in the parking lot across from The Tavern. 

I made a u-ey and whipped into the parking lot. 

Ethan, the young man working behind the counter, was super nice and answered all my questions about the brand while I checked out all the amazing retro gear. Outside, Texas’s brand aesthetic is so aligned with ours, I just knew we needed to collaborate on something. I asked Ethan if I could connect with the owner, and he gave me one of Brandon’s cards. I thanked him for his time and went on my merry way. 

Before I’d even made it home, Ethan called me and left a message. He’d told Brandon, co-owner of Outside, Texas (along with Josh, another rad dude), that I’d stopped in. Brandon wanted to chat, he said. Shortly thereafter I had a missed call from Brandon and a follow up text. I relayed all of this to Kelley when I got home, and she loved the idea of some kind of collaboration. So we called Brandon. 

We hit it off instantly. 

Brandon is just as nice a guy as they come. The store grand opening was coming up soon, and he was basically up for anything we wanted to create for the store. Kelley wanted to see the store for herself, so we headed back over to take a look and spitball some ideas. 

Kelley loved their gear, so after looking everything over and chatting with Ethan again, we picked out some shirts, hats, and stickers and headed home to discuss. With the store grand opening a week away, we decided to put our energy into doing what we do best. So we took inspiration from one of their shirt designs and the store colors, and came up with this 24” Texas wall hanging.

Kelley delivered the piece the day before the opening (we’re pretty sure Brandon liked it). 

Apparently, other people liked it, too, so we decided to make it available on the site. Get it in our standard 15” size or super size it and get the 24”. Check it out, and check Outside, Texas out. They’re a great brand with great people behind it, and their designs are, like, totally radical, dude. 


Outside, Texas is an outdoor recreational lifestyle brand born in 2019 by Co-Founders, Josh Florence and Brandon Yates. On the surface, they create Texas-themed apparel and goods. However, their hope is to inspire everyone to get up, get out and get back to nature. Their mission is to get you there (to Outside, Texas) in style. 
A portion of every sale is invested into their customers and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department — each month, they randomly select a customer to receive a yearly Texas State Parks pass.   
Check 'em out, here, and tell 'em we sent you! 

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