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Mother’s Day Flowers

My senior year of high school I had a class that started at 7am. We lived about 15 minutes outside of town, so that meant I had to leave around 6:30 to get there, park, and get to class on time. Which meant I had to wake up around 5:30 to eat breakfast and wake up fully before making the drive into town.  Let’s just say, as a teenager, I hated getting up early.  I had never been a coffee drinker up to that point, and no one in our household drank coffee, but my mom, looking for a way to help me wake up (probably so I wouldn't nod off while driving), decided to introduce me to it. Knowing...

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Behind the Design: VHS-Inspired Shelf & Wall Art

You ever notice something for the first time, and then you start seeing it everywhere? Weird, right? That’s happened to me lately with the classic Polaroid VHS cassette colors. You know the ones I’m talking about—the hot pink, orange, yellow, lime green, and blue bars. I’ve seen these colors on windbreakers, t-shirts, and hoodies all around town. I don’t know if it was a thing before and I just never noticed it, or if that style has just come back in a major way all of a sudden.  Either way, I’m diggin it.  As early as three years ago when we made our first retro Astros-inspired Texas, I’d been wanting to use vintage blank VHS covers as inspiration in our...

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Texas Strong: Thank you!

I’m gonna get right to the point today, folks: Thanks to y’all, we (in partnership with Miller Imaging & Digital Solutions) were able to donate $5,358.66 to I Live Here I Give Here’s Amplify: Disaster Relief Fund to help Central Texans affected by the recent winter storm.  Because of your generosity, we sold 134 of the Texas Strong wall hangings (in one week!) that we designed in collaboration with Miller IDS. 100% of the proceeds from those sales went directly to help Texans affected by the storm.  We want to thank those who purchased the Texas Strong wall hangings, those of you who took the time to share with friends and family on your social media, and we want to thank...

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Help Texans Stay Strong | Winter Storm Relief Effort

"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise." - Victor Hugo, Les Misérables As lifelong Texans, we simply aren’t used to extended periods of sub-freezing conditions, snow, or ice. It takes little more than a light dusting of snow or a bit of freezing precipitation to shut down entire regions of the state. Usually, everyone treats it as a kind of free day. The kids are happy to miss a day of school and the adults get a day off—or at least a day to work from home.  The winter weather that hit Texas this last week was different, though. Many people were without electricity and water for extended periods of time, creating an uncomfortable situation for...

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How it’s Made: The Story Behind our Popular Minis/Ornaments

I wish I could say that all of our ideas are the result of artistic genius. But the truth is, a lot of our designs begin with a problem looking for a solution. The first minis/ornaments we produced were made simply as a way to curb waste.  All of the wood we used in our large wall hangings was scavenged back then, often found in trash piles during the city’s bi-annual bulk pick ups. We liked the idea that we were taking stuff that was meant for the landfill and giving it a chance at a completely different life, but we couldn’t use 100% of the wood we scavenged. We often ended up with narrow strips of wood that would...

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