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Behind the Design: Classic H&H Updated

To celebrate 9 years in business, we thought it would be fun (interesting?) to take a look back at some of our past designs, discuss how they came about, and maybe drag a few of them out of the vault—for a limited time, of course! These were the very first pieces of ours that weren’t strictly one-of-a-kinds. In 2016, in order to build the 28’ Waterloo we designed and built for West Elm Austin, we had to find a wood supplier. We knew we weren’t gonna scrounge that much wood. So we found a little local company called This Old Wood.  Securing a reliable source for wood (a specific type with a reasonably consistent patina) changed things dramatically for our...

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Behind the Design: Topo-Inspired Texas

Before the world shut down last spring, we were in the middle of a collaboration with Topo Chico to do a large Topo-inspired Texas for their booth at Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion. We were psyched about it. Not only because of the opportunity to partner up with such a beloved brand here in Texas, but also because we were going to get to attend the event (and Kelley REALLY wanted to attend Luck Reunion). And because the people we were working with over at Topo were just amazing partners.  But then pandemic… And, well, you know the rest. But we’re not here to whine about that. We knew we would come back to the colab eventually, so we just tucked...

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New OOAKs are In Stock!

We just dropped a whole bunch of new one-of-a-kind pieces today. Well, new to you, anyway.  Last week, we did the thing we love so much to do—inventory. I’m kidding; we hate it. But the cool thing is, we found a bunch of pieces that we totally forgot to list on the site. The offerings are kind of random, but most of them are from a batch of pieces we made for a photo/video shoot Kelley and I did a few months back.  The shoot marked a direction change for us and a more mature step into the world of content creation. We actually bought lighting equipment and everything, y’all (you should see how we used to do it). It...

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