Behind the Design: Topo-Inspired Texas

Before the world shut down last spring, we were in the middle of a collaboration with Topo Chico to do a large Topo-inspired Texas for their booth at Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion. We were psyched about it. Not only because of the opportunity to partner up with such a beloved brand here in Texas, but also because we were going to get to attend the event (and Kelley REALLY wanted to attend Luck Reunion). And because the people we were working with over at Topo were just amazing partners. 

But then pandemic…

And, well, you know the rest. But we’re not here to whine about that. We knew we would come back to the colab eventually, so we just tucked the design away and moved on. 

Well, a year passed on by, and the world was still pretty closed up by spring, so we figured the colab was probably dead at that point. But I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and saw Tumbleweed Texstyle’s new Texas Chica shirt—a play on the Topo Chico branding—and remembered that we still had a Topo Chico Texas prototype in a bin in the shop. 

So, on a whim, I went and fished it out and posted a pic to Instagram. 

From the responses we got it was clear that there was demand for the Topo Texas. We sold the one we had right away (the customer insisted we include the patch in the pic, which we gladly did), and had to take orders from other people that wanted them. What’s more, we reconnected with Cambrey, our contact at Topo, and found out that she still wanted to do the collaboration for the next Luck Reunion in 2022. She kindly offered to drop some more patches off for us to include with the pieces, and we chatted about a separate-but-related colab. 

I guess good things truly do come to those who wait.

In the meantime, because of demand, we decided to add the Topo Chico prototype to our Made-to-Order section. Now you can order your very own. We’ll make it and ship it to you. 

Thanks to Cambrey at Topo Chico and thanks to all of you who let us know how much you liked this piece. 

Get your Topo Texas here.

Thanks, y’all. 

-Kris & Kelley


Like many great discoveries in history—chocolate chip cookies, Post-it notes, the Slinky—Kris and Kelley Denby came up with their popular Texas wall hangings almost by accident.
In 2013—about a year into their sputtering business of repurposing furniture, called Hemlock & Heather—the Denbys decided to make and donate something to a silent auction that would benefit the victims of the fertilizer plant explosion in the town of West. Kelley, who is from West, asked her husband to build something “Texasy.”
So Kris came up with a colorful wall hanging made entirely from reclaimed wood and in the iconic shape of Texas. It sold for $150. 
“People just went crazy for it,” recalls Kelley. “We were like, Maybe we’re on to something.”

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