“Art, heart, and craftsmanship. You gotta love this couple who pours so much care into the work they produce. I first met them purchasing a charming coffee table they made layed out with old barn wood. Drove down to Austin to pick it up and instantly was onboard with them and their journey. We kept in touch and they went so far as to design a custom Texas shape mixed in with my home country’s flag. I can’t tell how much it meant to me that they would take the time to help me celebrate living in Texas such a wonderful way. Their work is a conversation piece everytime we have people over. I’ll forever cherish my “Texarcanada” and coffee table and get excited every time they put out new work. Beautiful pieces made by great people, Hemlock and Heather is a real gem!”

—Eric B. (Maple Bay, BC)

 “I discovered Hemlock & Heather at Silobration in 2017. I instantly fell in love with their work and with them. Kris & Kelley are simply the best. Their passion for what they create, the repurposed wood they use, and the stories behind the wood are all a testament to what a Hemlock & Heather piece means. It reflects their love for what they do and I'm proud to have a few pieces in my home. It started with a custom Washington State, then a Waterloo, then a Texas... you get the idea. I've added pieces over the years and each one brings a smile to my face because I'm reminded of Kris & Kelley.”

Jody M. (Bellevue, WA)




“Kris and Kelley are trusted friends and colleagues for more years than I can count. Their work at Hemlock & Heather never fails to impress and inspire. They’re creative thinkers and masterful in their craft and production, too. Beyond the pieces I’ve purchased over the years for friends, family and clients, I’m always struck by their generous spirt in giving back to non-profits, our local community, and the state, stepping up in times of crisis especially.

 Their new Founders Club venture strikes me as the perfect evolution from Hemlock & Heather. Given both of their professional resumes, it’s further proof that they’re not just makers, but also connectors, mentors, and bold leaders committed to lifting up other small businesses and individuals looking to do good and shine bright.”

—Jennifer H. (Austin, TX)

“I feel really fortunate to have discovered Hemlock & Heather fairly early on in their career. I remember first seeing their Texas wall hangings at West Elm in Dallas, and wanting to collect more pieces, I found some of their other retailers in Dallas and in Austin.  Although their bread and butter is their smaller state hangings, I fell in love with their larger scale pieces and started my collection with a 36-inch Texas, a 45-inch Texas, and a 72-inch Waterloo. Since then, I have gifted numerous state hangings as housewarming, baby, wedding, thank you, and Christmas presents. I love that their passion shows in their work and that there is a unique origin story behind the wood used in each piece. Good work truly does come from good people, and Kris and Kelley are simply the best!”

—Melanie C.D. (Dallas, TX)

“Hemlock & Heather create beautiful one of a kind art work. Each piece that I have purchased is beautiful and thoughtfully crafted. Thank you Kris and Kelley.”

Joe M. (San Antonio, TX)



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