“I discovered Hemlock & Heather at Silobration in 2017. I instantly fell in love with their work and with them. Kris & Kelley are simply the best. Their passion for what they create, the repurposed wood they use, and the stories behind the wood are all a testament to what a Hemlock & Heather piece means. It reflects their love for what they do and I'm proud to have a few pieces in my home. It started with a custom Washington State, then a Waterloo, then a Texas... you get the idea. I've added pieces over the years and each one brings a smile to my face because I'm reminded of Kris & Kelley.”
Jody M. (Bellevue, WA)
“Hemlock & Heather create beautiful one of a kind art work. Each piece that I have purchased is beautiful and thoughtfully crafted. Thank you Kris and Kelley.”

Joe M. (San Antonio, TX)



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