‘Stros Texas Wall Hanging 15 in | Made to Order

‘Stros Texas Wall Hanging 15 in | Made to Order

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We couldn't help ourselves.

When the Astros won the 2017 World Series, we got caught up in the excitement and decided to make this Texas Wall Hanging in the classic "Tequila Sunrise" jersey colors to celebrate. It was just gonna be a one-and-done kind of thing, but the interest has been so overwhelming that we decided to make them available for another season.

All of our wall hangings are handmade in Austin, Texas using 100% locally-sourced, reclaimed materials.

Because our pieces are made with reclaimed materials, some variation in color and character will occur. No two pieces will be exactly the same. 

Size: 15" x 15"

Since these items are made after you make your purchase, please allow 10 business days for us to build and ship your order.

Thank you for your patience with our handmade process.



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