VINTAGE CALIFORNIA - 15" (One-of-a-Kind)
VINTAGE CALIFORNIA - 15" (One-of-a-Kind)
VINTAGE CALIFORNIA - 15" (One-of-a-Kind)
VINTAGE CALIFORNIA - 15" (One-of-a-Kind)

VINTAGE CALIFORNIA - 15" (One-of-a-Kind)

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Like many kids who grew up in the 1980s, I was a skater . And like a lot of kids who were skaters in the 80s, the board I started on wasn’t exactly top of the line. But that was ok. I found out later when I was able to upgrade that a better board didn’t make me a better skater. Who knew?

Anyway, my very first board was a Variflex (I’m pretty sure it was hot pink with a samurai motif on the bottom), so when I started stumbling onto vintage boards, I knew I had to buy them. I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with them at first. I have a McGill Powell and Peralta that sits up in the attic collecting dust. I don’t skate anymore, but it’s nice to have a few things that remind me where I came from. For a moment, I thought about stowing them with the McGill, just keeping em for old times’ sake. But then I decided that wasn’t very skate. At least now they'lll get some use.

Skate or die, y'all. 

This One-of-a-Kind California Wall Hanging is handmade by Hemlock & Heather in Austin, Texas using 100% locally-sourced, reclaimed wood. The back of this piece is painted, stamped with our wreath logo, and includes hardware for easy mounting. 

Each skateboard piece also comes with the original wheels and trucks that it was found with.

Approximate Size: 15" x 15"

Colors: Blue, Red, White



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