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Behind the Design: Outside, Texas Wall Hanging

About two months ago, I was heading home from an errand when I happened upon Outside, Texas’s brand new Austin location. I’m honestly not sure why I was even on that stretch of Lamar on that particular day. It definitely wasn’t the quickest route home. But there I was, cruising along, when I happened to look to my left and saw this cool retro sign hanging on a small building in the parking lot across from The Tavern.  I made a u-ey and whipped into the parking lot.  Ethan, the young man working behind the counter, was super nice and answered all my questions about the brand while I checked out all the amazing retro gear. Outside, Texas’s brand aesthetic...

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Behind the Design: The Waterloo

I’ve always been interested in the creative process. I grew up with a love for both film and literature, and I always wondered how some of these great and popular works could spring so well-formed from the mind of one person. As I got older and became more interested in writing fiction, I began to realize that behind a finished novel are hours of revision, editing, and tinkering. I also found that many books or works of art I admire often ended up in very different places than the artist intended when they began them.  Maybe there are some geniuses out there whose art springs wholly formed from their minds, but, for us mere mortals, art is a process.  In...

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Motivation Monday: It’s a God Thing.

✨ Motivation Monday✨...on a Tuesday, since no one knows what day it is in quarantine anyway! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ Kris and I have been wanting to share some positivity around here, especially for our fellow small business owners during these trying and uncertain times. So, we came up with the idea of posting a positive quote or message each Monday for y’all. Each one will be completely unique and will be available to download from our stories/highlights to save and use as your phone wallpaper.  We do this with the hope that it will help offer you a little motivation or inspiration at the beginning of your week.  The phrase “It’s a God Thing” has been popping up in our personal and...

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